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Dear patient. Welcome to Insulin Potentiation Targeted Therapy Alternative Cancer Treatment. Let me start by saying that if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, whatever stage, traditional medicine is not the only option you have. It can be quite confusing and time consuming researching for a cancer treatment that’s right for you. This web page is designed to help you get all the answers you need.


In the past, when a patient was diagnosed with cancer, he basically had three choices: full chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, that where usually very painful, and left the patient with little or no vitality to fight the illness. Times have changed and there are more options available today.
That’s where Insulin Potentiation Therapy Targeted Low Dose is different.


It’s a medical procedure, developed and researched for over 80 years, proven to cure cancer, reduce tumors  withought damaging the body’s natural defenses, strengthening your immune system, without the exhaustion, weakness and fatigue you get with traditional chemotherapy making it unable to concentrate on other activities necessary for emotional recovery and deeper healing.  In a survey done in 1997, 85% of cancer patients stated they were more “afraid” of chemotherapy’s terrible side effects than the actual cancer or death itself. That shouldn’t be.


I’ve been treating cancer patients with Insulin Potentiation Targeted Therapy for over 25 years, I see in all of them the will, courage and passion to fight for their lives, it’s a battle that doesn’t have to be fought alone. Every single life is precious and deserves to be lived healthy. That is my every day job. Insulin Potentiation Targeted Therapy is a safe procedure discovered by my grandfather, researched and developed by my father. There are more than 400 IPT physicians in over 31 countries giving this treatment option and it works. It has cured many patients all over the world. It’s an open option for you, right now.


May this information be of help to you in this difficult moment where fighting for your life will be the most important battle you will ever face. Our help and hearts are open to you, dear patient.



Donato Perez Garcia, M.D.





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