Dr. Donato’s Biography

Born and raised in Mexico City, Dr. Donato was part of the second generation of Medical School at the Anáhuac University.

In 1982 he began working with his father, Donato Pérez García Bellón, where he learned the therapy discovered by his grandfather. Together they attended several conferences within the Mexican republic.

In late 1987 a military doctor and friend of his grandfather, Dr. Contreras, invited Dr. Pérez García Bellón to join a newly built hospital in Playas de Tijuana. Donato Jr. went on his behalf. He stayed a couple of weeks in that city and San Diego.

On May 19, 1989 he flew with his family to the city of Tijuana, Baja California, in search of a new clinic where he could practice medicine. He opened his first medical office, on the 15th floor of a building called Las Torres de Agua Caliente.

That same month he was invited to the annual congress organized by the M.D. Anderson Association in Houston, Texas, where he presented his clinical work in a case of breast cancer treated with IPT® and radiology showing the patient’s full recovery. It was the first time he was invited to that congress. Some researchers there showed interest regarding Insulin Potentiation Therapy.

In February of 2001, he conducted the first IPT® training seminar in the city of Las Vegas, where 21 doctors from the United States and Canada attended. During the following years he dedicated himself in introducing the treatment in Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia and North Africa, training physicians that offer IPT® as an option for treating cancer and other degenerative diseases. Since then, he’s continued with annual seminars, attended by international doctors and presentations on IPTLD® to the United States government organization NIH/NCI/OCCAM.


In 2002 he held the first IPT Non-Profit Congress, where physicians could exchange scientific knowledge. Later he established “The Academy for IPT®” in Austria together with Dr. Kroiss, where IPT® Physicians worldwide can join and expand their knowledge of this protocol.

On April 2007, he was given the great opportunity to open an office in the Medical Consultation Tower in Hospital Angeles de Tijuana. During this period he started making changes to the treatment administration protocol, now formally called Insulin Potentiation Targeted Low Dose (IPTLD®) an official trademark.

On January of 2013 he was promoted for a three year period as Medical Advisory in Research for the Health Committee of LXII Legislature. Chamber of Deputies. United States of Mexico. Government of Mexico.

On February 2015, Dr. Donato receive the “Elite Gold” Lifetime achievement award as “Man of Great Leadership 2015” by the International Global Quality Foundation, in Mexico City.

On July of 2013, Dr. Donato was assigned as Director of Functional Medicine in association with Angeles Health International in the Division of Functional Oncology-Cancer Treatment, as head director and coordinator of his protocol Insulin Potentiation Therapy where he currently attends his patients.


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