Insulin Potentiation Therapy Dr. Donato

Traditional High/Low Dose Chemo

– Only uses Chemotherapy.

-Traditional Chemo, either in high or low dose, will attack healthy cells, as well as cancerous cells.

-The patient’s level of toxicity will increase and the side effects will decrease the patient’s quality of life.

-Chemo remains in the Extracellular fluid, waiting until cells open up and ingest the anti cancer drugs.

-Because traditional chemo attacks good cells as well as cancerous, the body is weak; the immune system is slower, leaving you unprotected from cancer agents spreading.

-The intervals between Traditional chemotherapy are longer and takes more time for patients to recuperate, extending the length of treatment, and inevitably more expensive in the far future.

– You’ll only get very strong medication, nothing to complement the body’s true healing system.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy Low Dose IPTLD®

– Uses human insulin to prepare your body to receive the anti drug medication.

-Because cancer cells contain 6 times more insulin receptors than healthy cells, IPTLD® can target chemotherapy directly and only to cancerous cells, leaving healthy cells in tacked.

– IPTLD® can deliver chemo directly into cancer cells, knowing the precise moment when the body is at its best moment to receive medication.

-The level of toxicity is reduced; side effects from chemotherapy are scarce even absent.

-Because there is less toxicity using IPTLD®, treatments can be more often, up to 2 times per week.

-Another property of Insulin is that it promotes permeability in the cancerous cell membrane, so it opens up easily, making the ingestion of chemo swift and consumed entirely.

-With Insulin Potentiation Therapy Low Dose, you will also get a detoxification program; substantial nutrients and immune boosters that will help restore and maintain the body’s natural defenses against other cancer agents.

-This procedure is very safe when administered by a trained IPTLD® Physician, as Dr. Donato Perez Garcia. No reports of death or life threat have ever been reported.

-This protocol will leave you with more energy and vitality to heal and do the things you love.