My mission is to provide you with all my support and life time medical experience to recover your health and wellbeing. Taking care of you is my mission. Making sure you feel comfortable during and after treatments. Every patient matters to me and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Overcoming Cancer is not only won with medical treatments, faith and hope is essential in your recovery, as well as emotional healing.

My philosophy is to treat every patient with complete honesty and respect, as my forth fathers have taught me. Being healthy is our natural state of being, feeling good to do the things we love and everyone has the right to fight for it, with no distinction.

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Cancer is a condition for which it has been said “the treatment is worse than the disease”. Conventional (high dose) chemotherapy often leaves patients drained, fatigued and generally unable to concentrate on other activities necessary for emotional recovery and deeper healing. Insulin Potentiation Therapy + Targeted Low Dose IPTLD® a kinder, gentler form of chemotherapy that allows individuals with cancer to actively participate in their own recovery. My intention is to provide the opportunity to incorporate nutrition and mind-body medicine into their lives for the benefit of their physical and emotional well-being, help them get their life back!

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