Insulin Potentiation Therapy Dr. Donato


Why is this such an important question?Because your safety will depend on the choice you make. 

If you’re new to IPT® – IPTLD® or you’re considering this option for yourself, a close friend or relative, or even if you’ve had IPT® before, there’re a few vital questions you need to ask yourself before choosing or continuing your treatment. Insulin Potentiation Therapy was invented by a Medical Doctor, Donato Pérez García, MD (I) in Mexico City, 83 years ago. The procedure was developed and continued by his son, Donato Pérez García Bellón, MD (II) who taught and trained his own son, the third generation of IPT® Doctors, also with the name of Donato Pérez García, MD (III).

Three Generations of doctors developing and specializing this protocol that has helped many patients from different countries and cultures.

Now a day, Dr.Donato (III) continues offering this protocol to patients that come from all parts of the globe to receive I.P.T. from the grandson of the true inventor. Over the last 30 years he’s made great effort to propagate his grandfather’s treatment over the world, training and evaluating medical doctors to perform this fine protocol with safety and professional ethics.

He’s the proprietor of the U.S. Patent for Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT®) and Insulin Potentiation Therapy Low Dose (IPTLD®), copyrights, official IPTLD®  literature, scriptures and intellectual property as well as Founder of the Academy for IPT®. Till this day, he’s the only Medical Doctor with the legal authority to train other physicians. A future IPT® physician must be properly instructed on the updated procedure, he must be trained and thoroughly evaluated to perform competently as an IPT®-IPTLD® Practitioner and only then can he/she be licensed. There are guidelines to follow in this training and they must be respected, to ensure the safety of all patients.

Before you make any decisions on who and where you’ll be getting IPT®, ask yourself:

1. Is my doctor an officially certified IPT® Physician, Trained and endorsed by Dr. Donato Pérez García?

2. What are his/her credentials and qualifications as an IPT® doctor?

3. Who certified or trained him/her?

4. How many years experience has he/she had giving Insulin Potentiation Therapy?

5. Is the doctor currently updated in the knowledge and new procedure of IPTLD®?

6. Is he practicing IPT® IPTLD® with an expired license?

7. Is it worth the risk?

This is for your own safety. IPT® is safe procedure ONLY WHEN administered by a certified IPT® Physician. Whom you choose as your doctor is your choice, but please, keep in mind that not all doctors offering IPT®  today are licensed, nor trained properly nor certified by Donato Pérez García, MD., affiliations that use his good name to benefit themselves, like the case of the “IOICP” and “Best Answer for Cancer”, among other associations that have no respect for honorable alliance. Our concern, as the IPT® Medical Team of Donato Pérez García, is always your safety and well being. This treatment option is for you, the patient, to benefit from years of anecdotic research and development so you can heal, continue having a good quality of life to do the things you love in life.


We’ve exposed our concern for your safety, as a patient or someone looking for this treatment option.
Since the beginning of Insulin Potentiation Therapy back in 1930, medical procedures and pharmaceutical drugs have change tremendously and no doubt will continue evolving without end.  New and better drugs are available today, new discoveries in the knowledge of the human body, research and clinical trials in the combination of pharmaceutical compounds, etc. IPT® has also been evolving and modifications are being constantly made to better the treatment, use better medication or change dosage and methodology that can prevent discomfort, thus enhancing its potency.

Just so you have and idea, here’s a list of some of the modifications made to IPT® since its beginning:

  1. Difference in Substances and Delivery Methods since 1930.
  2. Knowing how to combine medications and dosage for each health problem, for best results, with less amount of toxicity.
  3. Time frame of delivery of substances (very Important).
  4. New Method of calculating the amount of Insulin for each patient.
  5. New methods in controlling the effects of hypoglycemia.
  6. Revised Parameters in the blood levels of glucose.
  7. The amount of sugary substances the patient ingests in the post recuperation part of the procedure, to bring normal levels of glucose in the blood.
  8. Reduction in the adrenergic effect, caused by the release of adrenalin as a response to lower sugar levels in the blood induced by insulin as well as the metabolic changes.

A doctor who’s not certified or updated on these matters, can cause a serious damage to the patient. That’s why Dr. Donato encourages all IPT® Physicians to be in constant training and emits an expiration date on all licenses, to make sure they’re updated and prepared for any complication during the protocol. Unfortunately many doctors take the treatment into their own hands. They think they learned IPT® from someone else, but were never evaluated nor officially certified by Dr. Donato. Others never bother in updating their knowledge and continue administering IPT® without any supervision. This puts the patient at risk.

Timing is everything when it comes to IPT®

It is crucial the IPT® Physician knows the exact time when to perform and expect the “Therapeutic Moment”. If he’s not trained or evaluated in this important part of the procedure, there is a high risk of increasing the adrenergic effect induced by insulin, this means that he won’t have control over how much adrenaline your body releases, leading to an increased blood pressure that will create resistance when administrating the medication, diminishing the effectiveness of the treatment, lower success rates, that means more treatments for the patient without positive results.

For the certification of a future IPT® candidate, trained and evaluated by Donato Pérez García, M.D., he/she must have at least 5 years experience as a Licensed Medical Doctor. Theoretical and Practical Training and a thorough evaluation and supervision by Dr. Donato to certify the next IPT® Physician is Competent in:

1) Patient Care and Procedural Skills.

2) Demonstration of competence in medical knowledge relevant to Insulin Potentiation Therapy.  Observing the candidate’s ability to explain indications, counter indications, methods for preparing the patient, chemotherapy and non-chemotherapy drug indications and side effects, pain management, proper techniques for handling and obtaining specimens and fluids.

3) Practice and Improvement learning Skills.

4) Good Interpersonal and communication learning skills with patients; ability to clearly explain to a patient, the facets of the procedure, necessary to obtain information for consent.

5) Ethic and Professionalism. Among other.

It’s not an easy thing. Many doctors and associations don’t want to do the hard work and skip this important part, which is Official Certification. Please be aware of this situation, be sure and check the official list of Certified IPT®/IPTLD® Doctors, trained and endorsed by Dr. Donato Pérez García.


An important topic is about a great man that left us a legacy that today has helped and improved the lives of many patients all over the world. The family legacy of 3 generations of devoted doctors, that have struggled and fought very hard to bring forth this medical treatment called Insulin Potentiation Therapy. Each of these 3 generations has had to make great sacrifice and hard work to make this option available to people from around the world. IPT® didn’t spread by it self, it’s been decades of devotion and care from these doctors and colleagues, and that must be valued and respected.

It has been said that the 4th generation will be the IPT® doctors around the globe; this treatment must be shared with other doctors, for the benefit of the patient. But this contribution should be done with respect and honor to the founder and descendant of Donato Pérez García, MD (1896-1971). Sharing the knowledge of IPT® doesn’t mean that any doctor or group of doctors can just take it for themselves and exclude the head director and senior instructor of IPT® It must be a willing collaboration among colleagues, to share and exchange information that will make them grow as professionals, keeping in mind the priority of their everyday work: the well being of the patient.

Not every medical doctor can be an IPT® Physician. It takes time, effort, preparation and a thorough evaluation to certify a doctor as an official IPTLD® Physician, capable and competent to perform this protocol, always keeping the security of the patient at high priority. Not all doctors are willing to do this hard part and choose to  “skip” an authorized certification by the rightful owner of Insulin Potentiation Therapy. Each year there are Global IPT®-IPTLD® Conferences where all medical doctors are invited to join, each year there are seminars and training workshops given by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, MD., the option to be officially certified is there and it’s open, yet many choose to practice IPT® withough ever being evaluated or supervised, putting the patient’s life and well being at great risk.

Taking off with the Intellectual Property of IPT® by associations, like Best Answer for Cancer, IOICP and other doctors that have no respect for the ethical values of this legacy, must be questioned for their true values as human beings. A doctor or association that’s willing to take off with intellectual property for their own benefit, excluding the founder of such an incredible treatment, is a doctor or Association worth questioning about. For we, as human being always have the choice to do good in a right/correct way, not at the expense of someone else’s hard work. Patients and the general public must be aware of this situation and make their own choice. A side from the issue of “safety” which is the most important, but also, on the issue of moral standards and respect for what’s authentic, the honor to these 3 men who’ve given us a medical protocol that can cure cancer, that can improve the quality of life of ill people, that can extend life and give hope in the most difficult battle of all, the fight to live and continue living, existing, doing the things we love, sharing happiness with people we love. That’s the real gift these doctors have left us and we should be grateful and respect their effort and hard work. Not only for us, but also for all the future generations to come.


This is where you can look up the names of all certified IPT® Physicians, trained and endorsed by Donato Pérez García. In it, you’ll find their full name, country of origin where they practice medicine, their Web site and/or email address as contact information. NOTE: Doctors that aren’t on this list are not certified I.P.T. Physicians, or have not renewed their license/certification status, please be aware of this important security fact.This list was created to ensure the safety of patients and people searching for I.P.T. as their treatment option. Your safety, or your loved one, begins with this choice. Take time to review it, know if the person you’re entrusting your health and life is fully competent and updated on Insulin Potentiation Therapy. Remember, IPT® is a safe procedure, WHEN administered by a trained physician.


If life teaches us something, it’s that we don’t have control over many situations in our everyday activities. Life is a constant test with new problems and challenges that require solutions, and solutions require choices. Every morning we wake up, we make a conscious choice to get out of bed, drink tea instead of coffee, wear blue instead of yellow, greet our neighbors or not, put on a seat belt, etc. It’s choice after choice, and each one we make is with the finality of our best interest, or that of someone we care for and love. There’s so much choosing each day we’re no longer aware of this fact, but it’s true. We do what we do, and don’t do, with the purpose of our being well and our better good.

In this awareness campaign, the I.P.T Medical Team and Dr. Donato Pérez García want to emphasize the importance of Your Safety. We’ve carefully chosen our slogan: “Safety Starts with a Choice” because it’s absolutely true. In all aspects of our lives. There is so much we don’t have control over; starting with the weather, the morning traffic, tax deductions, our neighbor’s loud dog, the dust in the wind, even other people’s behavior towards us. The list is endless. But we as human beings adapt to that sense of uncertainty, each day we begin a new bright morning hoping for the best, even though we don’t know what may happen. Part of it is faith and hope in the goodness of life. It is an unconscious trust in the invisible that we can feel during special moments in our lives.

But we have to do our share of the work too! We don’t control many things but we do have control over our actions, non-actions and decisions. We don’t control the weather but we can choose to be prepared and protect our selves from heat or cold. We don’t control the crazy traffic in the morning, but we do control how we drive and keep our car or motorcycle in good mechanical conditions. We have the freedom to choose and protect our selves from all that we cannot control in life. And that goes for people as well, we’ll never have control over another human being’s reaction or actions, we’re only responsible for our own. But you can always choose to be safe and have the right to protect yourself, the best way you see fit, without harming others.

Taking care of your body, your health is also an important choice you make everyday, what you eat, what you drink or don’t drink, how you feed it, or nourish yourself, what medicine or supplements you ingest, everything is a conscious decision you make for your benefit. If you have a chronic illness, like cancer, you have to make some difficult decisions in order to survive and overcome your illness, you have to choose a treatment and a doctor you feel safe with.  If in this search, you decide for Insulin Potentiation Therapy, please take time to check the list of certified physicians, before you choose your I.P.T. Doctor, it is a safety measure for your protection. Who you choose to trust as your doctor IS something you have control over, it is your conscious choice. We, the I.P.T. Medical Team of Donato Pérez García feel the responsibility to alert you on these matters, and help you become more aware. Since the beginning of I.P.T. in 1930, the purpose and motivation has been the same: the well being of the patient, helping people heal so they can continue their lives, restore health and give patients a good quality of life to do the things they love and share their happiness with others. That is the I.P.T. legacy. Thank you for taking the time to read today’s blog, and remember: “Check the List!”